History of Engineering

This web site is to make available to a wider audience papers regarding engineering in history. The common denominator is that these papers look at a given topic above all from an engineer's point of view which is rarely found in descriptions and discussions of our past. In a way, these papers aim to look at past technical challenges and issues with the benefit of a modern-day engineer's insights and perspective.

   Thus far, the papers posted here deal with steam locomotives and naval architecture. Yet this web site is open to other topics as well. Anybody considering offering a paper that might fit the spirit of this site for being posted here, would be welcome to contact the publisher ("Herausgeber und Autor" under "Impressum").

   In the case of rather old references within these papers, it has not always been possible to identify the owner of the copyrights despite very considerable efforts to do so. The publisher of this site would be most grateful for any pointers in this regard.The author of a given paper is responsible for its contents. All copyrights belong to the respective authors.


  Jan Hartmann, the author of most of the papers and editor of the series, is a retired professor of naval architecture with a great interest in steam locomotives.